The team in Zambia has been doing a great job despite a lot of challenges in February into March. While I was in hospital, Gordon stepped in to help the team in Zambia, for which I am very grateful.

A new math teacher

We had to deal with a change of one staff member and due to good cooperation within the team and with the Labour Office, it went well, although every parting has its challenges. After interviewing various applicants, we have found a new maths and IT teacher on recommendation. His name is Ernest and hope he will fit in well with the team. The Zambian holidays start on 24th April and last for two weeks this year, instead of the usual four, because the schools were closed for a few months last year due to Covid.


Help for victims of sexual violence

Last year, Racheal did a counselling and guidance course, especially to be able to talk to and help our girls. During Covid there have been more cases of rape and teenage pregnancies than usual in Zambia. During the regular talks Racheal has with the girls, they started to open up to her as she has gained their trust. FCTrelief has a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment and does everything necessary to protect its pupils, especially the vulnerable girls from difficult backgrounds.

Bertha goes into business

The two girls who started at Chikupi School with their one-year skills training are doing well and are very happy. Tabea visits them monthly to bring food and other requirements and hear about their progress. One of last year’s girls, Bertha, who did so well with her sewing and has helped Annie make the school uniforms for this year, hopes to become independent soon. We have bought her a sewing machine and will help her with other requirements to start up her own little business in the near future. She is very grateful. The other four are doing well, though finding work in these Covid times is challenging.


A new doctor candidate

Eugene reports that all our exam class pupils in grades 7, 9 and 12 did well, some with excellent results, which is always encouraging. The best of the grade 12s has such good results that he would love to study medicine next year and will try to get a government bursary. We hope to find a sponsor to help him with his other expenses. The two who started their medical courses are doing well, as is the girl studying to be a pharmacist. We have some college/Uni students who have completed and are looking for jobs and others who complete their courses at the end of this year. Others are now in work and starting to re-pay their study loans, which means we can then help others coming up.

Our children are class leaders

More encouraging news comes from Mount Makulu School. Many of our senior pupils attend that school, and the head students are FCT students. They have shown exemplary character as leaders and students! We are very pleased with these results, both academically and in terms of character and conduct.

Our teachers have finalised the pupil’s list for this year and they all have places, uniforms, shoes, books and bags for this year. School and exam fees for 2021 are paid and everyone is more than happy to have five good meals a week! Quite an undertaking, so well done to the team in Zambia! Keep up the good work! Thank you.