If you want water you have to be able to dig deeply: what is not necessarily the case in Switzerland is certainly so in Zambia. On the Ecumenical Family Day locals in Tägerwilen donated the collection for the construction of a well and this was realized after a few weeks.

The rainy season in Zambia was much less productive this year than in other years. The scarcity of water for humans and agriculture is threatening. The aid organization FCTrelief, based in Tägerwilen, runs a tutoring project near the capital Lusaka to support disadvantaged children in their school career. Due to the decline in the groundwater level, the well on the grounds of the tutoring center was also threatened.


On the initiative of the FCTchurch, the leaders of the aid organization, Heiner and Christine Merk, informed about the plan of a new well with a deeper water connection at this year's ecumenical family day. In the subsequent fundraising, the proud sum of 1610.30 Swiss francs was donated so that FCTrelief was soon able to start digging the well.




To secure the water supply, the hole was dug about eighty meters deep into the ground. Meanwhile, the well is actively in use. The generous donation secures the continuation of the tutoring program to create a future perspective for disadvantaged children and adolescents. FCTrelief would like to sincerely thank all donors for their contribution to this long-term project.