In Zambia, children and young people from the lower class (ca. 70 %) only eat a small meal every three days - there is no money for more. Malnutrition hinders brain development, which affects performance in school. FCTrelief is taking action against this with a fundraising campaign in December: Instead of three meals a week, the organization would like to finance five meals for the participants in its tutoring program - supporting a child for a month costs 20 francs.


"The more meals, the healthier and more concentrated the students are," says Christine Merk, who runs the project in Zambia together with her husband Heiner. The aid organization has been working near the Zambian capital Lusaka for eleven years with the aim of giving young people a new perspective on life through tutoring in school subjects, advice and relief supplies.


FCTrelief also wants to fight hunger in Bulgaria: the continental climate there brings about harsh winters, which forces poor senior citizens in particular to choose between food and heating. That is why the donation campaign also wants to supply them with firewood: With just 50 francs, these people can have a heated house for a month.

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