To date we have provided wood to 20 households – and we are continuing our work! We have also given away most of our 35 food packages and are still at it. Some households have been gifted with financial support to pay their heating costs.

Those who have support from their families usually manage life; we managed to donate to those who don’t have such support. Most of the people we donated to are retired and most of these have some measure of disability. The pensions in view of living costs are insufficient and despite some state support life remains challenging for certain people.



Apart from ‘providing warmth,’ we donated a washing machine to a poor family with a daughter with Down Syndrome. Now they no longer have to wash outside by hand (especially in the winter!). When we went to check their circumstances on site, we also decided to donate fire wood to their neighbours. A mother with an adult daughter with mental disabilities was given a cooker – a gratefully received gift that was spot on.



For a child of a single mother (her husband died a year ago) we donated a laoptop, in order for her to be able to study online. All of this is relevant help in order to make life a little easier and the quality of life a little better.


Another Christmas campaign – spontaneously evolved – was the support of the medical staff of the emergency and ambulance wards at the hospital in Pazardzhik. As in many other places, hospitals are overfilled and its staff overworked. In Sofia a nurse had no one to replace her, so she worked a 40-hour shift! In Pazadzhik the charity Heart for Bulgaria could provide warm meals for lunch during ten days for 22 people; local restaurants provided these without making any profit.


This proved very influential as others joined the campaign in order to continue it. In this way FCTrelief could “donate warmth” by fire wood and warm meals.

A big Thank You to all donors – this work was a real success!