Once again this December our FCTrelief Christmas donation scheme has been well supported and many poor and vulnerable people in both Bulgaria and Zambia are more than grateful. We have been able to bring great joy and help with food packages, medication and wood to heat homes.
Many thanks goes to all those who have donated so generously. Let the following photos speak for themselves.

Pizza and Wood for Bulgaria

Gordon and his team, including Aviela and David, bought and organised, packed up and distributed Christmas food packages to over 300 retired elderly people and disabled adults,





Christmas gifts at a party for 46 disabled children and teens as well as the staff at a disabled home we help. They all had special pizza to eat as well as mandarines. The photos show that they all had a great time.





We have delivered wood to 4 families and 6 individuals so far as we can only do one delivery per day and these will be continued in early January. The cost of wood has increased so this is an even greater help this winter.



Medication: so far we have helped 10 disabled and elderly people with their medication and will help more in January.

Bananas and Glasses for Zambia

December has been a busy month in many ways and here are a few reasons why: A banana and milk bun for breakfast – what a difference this will make in 2022 to our 85 children. We tested this in December and the children were delighted!



The 4th food distribution this year to all our pupils’ families.


All our staff had a Christmas bonus.


New glasses for those pupils who needed them – how exciting and interesting for them to have an eye test and then choose their new frames.



Our sincere thanks to all of you for making this year’s Christmas donation such a success! What a blessing to many vulnerable children and people you have been.

God bless you all

Christine Merk and Team FCTrelief Switzerland