It's finally here! #BlackFriday is coming, followed by #CyberMonday! All year long, millions of people wait for the big discount to stock up on consumer goods. But have you heard of #GivingTuesday?

By Gordon Merk

When thousands of people are storming into shops and fighting over electronics, others are amusing themselves about it on social media... although it's smart to buy when things are cheap (My mother used to say: "If it's action, buy it"). Despite having enough in the West, we seem always to be wanting more.


BlackFriday and CyberMonday follow the traditional Thanksgiving in the US. People give thanks to God for the harvest and celebrate together as a family with a fine meal. Since the introduction of this holiday, the standard of living has greatly increased for the majority, lifestyle has too. The new generation does not always know about the original meaning of the holiday (similar to Christmas - unfortunately!).

Prosperity also has its good sides. For example, one's own abundance can serve people in difficult circumstances. Besides #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday, there is also #GivingTuesday! Already known in over 80 countries, millions of people donate to various charities. Americans alone donated almost 2.5 billion dollars last year! With FCTrelief, you too can join in.

Bananas for breakfast

In Zambia, we want to give the students of our tutoring programme "some energy" with a banana before school starts. Satisfying hunger and a little sugar for the metabolism strongly influence a child's performance. And healthy and educated people, in turn, are the basis for a country's prosperity-it all starts with breakfast!

Medicines for the poorest

In Bulgaria, we help poor people, often with basic necessities such as food, heating and medicine. Bulgaria's retired generation put in most of their working years under the communist regime, hence their pensions are challengingly modest. In many examples, half of the pension money goes towards medicine for heart conditions or diabetes or other ailments. In addition, there are covid requirements, flu-related illnesses. Even a small donation can help a senior get access to vital medicines.

Support FCTrelief on #GivingTuesday and be part of our Donor Community!