We have continued with the regular deliveries of wood for heating the houses there. In total, we helped 22 households with this. Now that the snow has come and it is very cold, it is all the more important that these vulnerable older people can heat their homes adequately and also use the stoves for cooking. We will continue with the deliveries into February as we can only do one delivery per day. We have also continued helping with the medication that some of the seniors need regularly. In total, there are already 11 people that we have supported in this way. We were able to finance one more person crutches. We also distributed over 300 food packages as well as gifts and food for 46 disabled children plus staff. They are all extremely grateful and wish to thank all those who are making this possible.




«Warm-up lap» in Zambia

Schools should have started on 3rd January but due to a new Covid wave, all schools, colleges and Universities did not open until 24th. We had to adjust our plans accordingly and decided to start tuitions in small groups and give out take away lunches so that we were within the health regulations but could feed our pupils and staff and help prepare the children for school. The 3 weeks were used to hand out new school shoes for this year, continue to measure the pupils and make their new uniforms, hand out books and pencils, interview and decide on the new pupils for 2022 and prepare the timetables and lists for 2022. Last Monday, we started with the full programme of tuitions and lunches. Those children who have to change to other schools after their exams are waiting to secure a new place but this is now nearly completed and we are aiming to raise the number of pupils to 90 in 2022. We are taking on more younger ones, so that they can stay with us longer and get a better start with maths and English, especially.

New uniforms and shoes

Regina with new shoes

2 young people started their year’s vocational course in Chikupi last Monday, too. Liness will do the tailoring and design course, which has proved successful for the 3 girls who completed this course and are now working. Charles, from George compound, has started his course of bricklaying. He is already 21 and we felt he was too old to return to school and would be better served doing a skill’s training now so that he can find a job next year to help support his family. Both Liness and Charles can stay on campus which is a safe environment for them and we supply food and other necessities monthly so that they learn to live independently and look after themselves – a good preparation for life after they qualify.

Liness and Charles - Chikupi

A Track record

Our pupils who took their exams in December, in grades 7, 9 and 12 have had good results and this is very encouraging for them and all the staff. With 22 completing Grade 12 in December, the highest number ever, it confirms that we are on the right track with what we are teaching and building into the lives of these young people. They are more self-confident as well as better qualified to decide on the next steps for the future. Some have already found interim jobs to support themselves, while looking for places to start studying next year. Most of them know what they would like to do. Those with the best marks will hopefully qualify for a state bursary and will then only need our help with living expenses – others will need a loan for both college/Uni and all other expenses.

The first grade 12 pupil from George compound, Martha, who completed in 2011 found a place at Evelyn Hone college and we are giving her loan for her course. She is delighted at this chance and determined to do well. She joins 2 other young women at this excellent local college, Annita and Memory, who can help her find her way there. Prekeria completed her 3 -year nursing course in December and is now looking for a job. Without our help, none of these girls could have done further training after school.

Leonard, who also completed grade 12 in 2011 with excellent results, has the chance to do A-levels at David Kaunda college this year as a boarder, while he waits for a place at Uni to study medicine, thanks to a sponsor.

It will be challenging and interesting to see what the 22 who completed this year will come up with when they ask us for support for further education next year!


Anita and Memory at E H college

All the work we do at FCTrelief to help educate these young people and children to a higher standard and prepare them for a better future can only be done with your continued support and for that we would like to say a very big THANK YOU from all of us!