‘The children and teenagers experienced a camp full of sunny emotions and fun,’ said Gergana Vaseva, the leading person of the camp.

The ten-day camp for the thirty children and teenagers with physical and mental disabilities was an extraordinary experience. Fun in the water and all sorts of other entertainment are not only a joy for children, but are also an important part of their development. Velingrad is a holiday place that is famous for its healthy mineral water, which also helps in the recovery after accidents and operations.


The programme contained games, camp fire and excursions in the region. The highlight of the camp was the evening of talents, where the children and teenagers could present their gifts and abilities. Although the camp was part of the staff’s working time, they too could rest and recover a bit. These people work for low salaries, but with heart and soul.


The Parents’ Initiative works

The camp was organised by the day-care centre, ‘Faith, Hope and Love.’ The home was at first a state organisation, until it recently became an independent parent organisation called, ‘Faith and Love 92.’ The aim of the organisation is the care and development of the children and teenagers with disabilities. In the day-care centre children are being taught and personally developed.


Most of the residents live there throughout the week and return home to be with their families for the weekend. Children from other homes, too, benefit from the services provided by the day-care centre. The infrastructure there is acceptable. They have equipment for the development of mind and body. Part of the infrastructure are also the karaoke machine and e-piano ‘Heart for Bulgaria’ donated.


Becoming Friends in Partnership

‘Heart for Bulgaria’ has been supporting the home in past years several times. During this time, we have established a trustful partnership and could pass on many precious things. The Christmas celebrations and presents we donated, were always special moments in the lives of these precious children and teenagers.


FCTrelief belongs to the most faithful and most generous donors of that home. Yet also local donors generously support children and teenagers with disabilities, which is always nice to hear. ‘We would like to thank all the donors from our hearts, thanks to whom these children could experience an unforgettable camp,’ director Gergana states. She has a son with disabilities, for whom she cares herself – she is one of those ‘silent heroes,’ as a friend of mine, who recently visited Bulgaria, called her.