Last year we reported three times on Ivalena. We planned support for this lovely girl in our outlook for the year 2021 and put these plans into action. We also informed you about her condition and this rare autoimmune sickness. To help Ivalena and her family was well worth it! Gordon Merk reports.

The work is almost complete. We were able to finish the bedroom with a small kitchen, as well as the bathroom and the corridor with wheelchair access. It is a real pleasure to see how beautiful everything has become. To give people dignity through improving their living conditions, is also important apart from the practical benefits.


The whole family, especially the all-rounder grandfather, have contributed with great efforts. FCTrelief paid for the building materials and some extra work that required external help. Water, electricity and the painting job was done as family team work. The new doors and windows as well as the aircon (heating in the winter, cooling in the summer) is sort of ‘the icing on the cake.’ Everyone is happy, yet one more work needs to be done.


There are problems with the sewerage as in most villages. There is actually no proper sewerage and the self-made sceptic tank overflows during rainy seasons with flooding. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to make a proper sewage, that is, pipes that reach the fields at the end of the village. This is a normal and legal practice in such places.


We would like to thank all of you for your wonderful support for this delightful project. The family is very grateful and happy, especially Ivalena.