During a youth meeting, the student Memory Banda gave an acceptance speech for FCTrelief. We are happy to pass this praise on to our donors: Thank you!

The Director, the manager in absentia, the headteacher, teachers, invited guest, my fellow pupils, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.
On behalf of FCTrelief teachers, cooks and pupils, we wish to express our gratitude for your helping hand to Linda Compound, George Compound and Zambia at large.
FCT is helping a lot of people and families. You have given us a family here at FCT. You have also improved the education and welfare of both the learners and teachers.
All of us know the importance of education in today’s world. Education is the key to success and any development. No nation can have political, economical or technological development without education. FCT has helped us in all areas of life – financially, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Before coming to FCT some of us had no shoes on our feet but you have given us shoes.
We spent nights sleeping on the floor but you gave us mattresses to sleep on. We didn’t have clothes but you replaced rags with clothes. We went on empty stomachs for days but you give us food on our table. We found a good family here at FCT. Our teachers are our parents and councillors. Our fellow pupils are our brothers and sisters. Thank you FCTrelief.
At the same time I wish to urge all my fellow pupils to work extra hard to further improve your academic results.
Once again I thank you FCTrelief for giving us the opportunity to access education.

Memory Banda is completing her Grade 12 in December and her dream is to become a nurse one day – we hope to support this very special girl to fulfil her dream. She has only been with us this past year and asked for help to complete her schooling.

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