What FCTrelief is doing for its pupils is really working well!

This December 22 pupils completed their grade 12 exams – the highest number we have ever had including 6 girls. Most would never have completed their schooling without our support and many have been with us since we founded FCTrelief in October 2014. They are all delighted and very grateful for all we have done for them and are determined to find jobs while they wait for their results and find a place to do further education in 2023. They have high expectations and know what they would like to achieve in life. We are proud of them and grateful to our teachers who have coached them well.




Here are some excerpts from the Letter of Thanks, read out by one of these pupils on the last day.

We would like to express our most since gratitude. It goes without saying that the majority of us would have been out of school and left on the streets had it not been for FCT. It is not just a tuition centre but our second home. It was always there with clothes, food and health care in our trying times. It taught us to relate with our peers and teachers as well as virtues we could never afford and yet are too valuable to sell.
We cannot thank FCT enough. You made us better members of society and most importantly, you made us better Christians. We will strive to apply what you have taught us over the years.
From the bottom of our hearts «Thank you FCT», we are truly grateful for everything you have done for us.