After the restrictions of the pandemic, our Granny project could finally be revived. FCTrelief’s daughter organisation in Bulgaria has been successfully managing this special project for several years. Now ‘Heart for Bulgaria’ can happily announce that the project can continue.

Granny’s Grandchild

As of June 2022, Heart for Bulgaria employs one granny in the so-called ‘Granny’s Grandchild’ project. It provides personal care and attention for disabled and often abandoned children. Heart for Bulgaria used to have five grannies at one time, yet circumstances have changed. We want to carefully approach the new situation and provide quality service. Most of the previous grannies are now too old to serve those precious kids, but Anna remained. She is doing a great job with a love and heart for these lovely needy children.

Diana, the managing director of the home, is very pleased that Heart for Bulgaria’s Anna is providing quality support to ‘her’ children. This extra pair of hands is of tremendous importance. Anna provides not only practical help for the children, such as care and activities, yet more importantly, a personal relationship with the child. The love these precious children receive is of utmost importance. Heart for Bulgaria’s director is very pleased that this project was revived!

A Psychologist for Teenagers

Heart for Bulgaria was also able to provide for a young dedicated psychologist to serve at another orphanage in town, one for older children. Zorniza is a professional with a heart for teenagers. She uses her expertise to serve, mentor and counsel young adults in finding their way into an unknown future. Heart for Bulgaria is supporting her to work extra hours beyond her employment. This is a great need that will prove crucial for many teenagers.

At that same orphanage, Heart for Bulgaria is donating sports equipment so the teenagers can be active in a good way.  There are some bad influences tempting these kids to do wrong things. The home director, Nikolai, wants to keep them busy with some useful activities. We appreciate this new partnership and expect good results for the sake of the orphans.

Heart for Bulgaria is grateful for the support that makes such work possible! Thank you!