Warm sweaters also help in Africa: When people sweat in Switzerland, temperatures in Zambia drop to their lowest levels.

The 14-year-old student Phil wears a sweater with hood, which seems almost paradoxical in the greenhouse. Finally, FCTrelief's tuition students in summery Zambia are almost bursting with the heat that builds up underneath. But the summer in the southern hemisphere is known to take place in European winter, and the reverse is true of the Zambian winter. In the months of June and July, temperatures can drop to 10 degrees in the morning and to 4 degrees in the night.

Sunrise over white-flowered grass
Photo by Chris Lawton / Unsplash. Even though it is rare, even in Zambia it can get chilly and cold.

Although this cold is slowly but surely disappearing in August, the winter months in Zambia are a test of endurance - especially for children living in unheated houses. Not all have the opportunity to keep warm with the necessary textiles and malnutrition weakens their immune system.


Even the freshman students of FCTrelief like Phil need to dress warmer. Not all students have the same problem with the cold, but thanks to FCTrelief, participants in the tutoring program are provided with the necessary relief supplies.


Well, it is August - now it is getting warmer and drier to the full heat and drought. Only November will bring relief with the rainy season. The weather in Zambia is extreme, making it all the more important for the growing generation to have access to appropriate infrastructure. FCTrelief works towards the goal of enabling more and more young people to grow up in better conditions.